Can’t make it in?

We’re now offering, for a limited time, an "At-Home Honey Tasting Experience."  We’ll ship you 6 of our favorite unique honeys, tasting sticks, and tasting sheets. Join us on select dates for a live interactive virtual honey tasting experience as a member of our team walks you and your family and friends through the wonderfully diverse world of honey. Discover the differences between varietal, wildflower, and whipped honeys from all across the United States as you taste the honey used in the creation of Silver Hand Meads. 


Honey Package A: Avocado Blossom 6oz, Raspberry Blossom 6oz, Star Thistle 6oz, Virginia Wildflower 6oz, Meadowfoam 6oz, Cinnamon Whipped 12oz. 



Honey Package B: Blueberry Blossom 6oz, Buckwheat 6oz, Mesquite 6oz, Appalachian Wildflower 6oz, Tupelo 6oz, Pumpkin Spiced Whipped 12oz.



At-Home Honey Tasting Experience

Honey Package Option
  • Join us online for a guided tasting of your honey! Once you have received your package head to our YouTube Channel to enjoy your tasting!

    Package A

    Package B