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Mead is one of the most historic fermented drinks found on Earth. It has the creativity of craft beer and the elegance of wine, but is in a category all its own. Mead is created by fermenting sugars found in honey, with additional herbs, spices, and fruits added to create unique flavors. Our meads typically have an ABV of 11% to 14%, and range from dry to sweet, with beautiful clarity and color. 

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Think all honey tastes the same?  Varietal honey is like wine; different grape varietals impact the flavor of wine just as the different nectar sources impact the flavor of the honey.  From the roasted marshmallow notes of the Star Thistle Honey to the jelly donut-esque notes of Raspberry Blossom Honey, there are so many exciting flavors to explore in our expansive honey shop!

* Find the new At-Home Honey Tasting Experience here *

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