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Meet our Full Time Team Members

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Glenn Lavender
Founder and Owner

Glenn had a 12 year career touring North America and Europe with his Juno award winning band, Downhere. He spent a lot of time on tour reading beekeeping books and historical fiction novels by author, Stephen Lawhead. It was through his readings that Glenn discovered and developed a passion for the ancient drink of mead.  After exploring the world of meadmaking as a hobby for a few years, Glenn decided to take things to the next level by receiving some formal training at UC Davis, the world's premier winemaking institute. In 2015, he and his wife Sherri opened Williamsburg's first Meadery; the rest, they say, is history! Today, Glenn is a passionate, award-winning meadmaker and amateur beekeeper that maintains his insatiable appetite for innovation, collaboration and learning.  

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Sherri Lavender

Ever since the idea of opening a Meadery was first mentioned, Sherri has been instrumental to the founding of Silver Hand Meadery. In the hobby days Sherri played a key role in developing recipes which went on to win awards and are now currently part of Silver Hand’s regular line up. Many of the values of Silver Hand Meadery come from Sherri’s desire to make the most of every moment (savor what is good), and to be good stewards with what we’ve been given (rediscover and reimagine). Even though she prefers staying behind the scenes her personality and influence permeate through the entire staff team and to the customers every day. 

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Sam Straight, Ph.D.
Alchemist, Co-Owner and Director of Production

Growing up in Central New York State, Sam discovered mead through reading Beowulf in high school.  Many years later, while a researcher and educator at the University of Michigan, Sam put his Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology to a tasty use as well: crafting fermented beverages!  For fifteen years he created award-winning beers, ciders and meads as an active member of a local home brewing club. Ever the student and always seeking to improve, Sam obtained formal training at the Siebel Institute of Technology and hands-on experiences with  established craft beverage manufacturers.  After relocation to Hampton Roads with his wife, Angela, Sam was chosen to lead the mead production team at Silver Hand Meadery in early 2020. Soon after, an exuberant customer dubbed him "The Alchemist", a moniker he has cheerfully adopted.  Sam and his minions continue to reimagine mead, devising new and improved recipes so that our patrons may savor what is good.


Sarah Potts
Honey and Retail Manager

Sarah was born and raised right outside of Williamsburg, Virginia. After a brief career in elementary school teaching, she came to the Meadery in the spring of 2016.


Though Sarah started as a volunteer, it became clear as time went on that she had the potential for much more. Now the manager of honey and retail, or as she likes to be called, the Honey Queen, she has a passion for teaching our guests about mead and the honey varietals that go into each one.

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Kenan Wright
Production Assistant

Kenan was born in Southern New Jersey and relocated to the Williamsburg area while he was still in the prime of his youth. Fueled by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, he attended the first university in America, the College of William and Mary, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. Looking to expand his purview beyond the East Coast and the scientific field, he traveled to the Hawaiian Islands, where he resided for several years, participating in the fine arts culture of the region. From there, he summered in Las Vegas before returning to Williamsburg. Kenan’s love of biology and art called him to the field of mead making. At Silver Hand, he is able to freely express his artistic and creative ideas in beverage craft.


Regen Auch
Insider Club Manager

After receiving her BS in Microbiology and working as a Lab Manager at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Regen decided it was time for a change. No longer wishing to pursue a career in medical research, Regen turned her sights to the food and beverage industry and instantly fell in love with Silver Hand Meadery after her first tasting. She quickly integrated herself into the business and became the Insider Club Manager in 2022 and is currently studying to achieve her Sommelier certification to further explore the craft of food and mead pairing.

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