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Here at Silver Hand Meadery, we strive to produce a number of exciting meads that are greatly enjoyed by both mead aficionados and folks new to the historic beverage. 

Along the way, we have entered many of our favorite meads into three different mead competitions, and have been proud of our successes! 

SHM Metal Winnings 11-1-2022-3.png

The Competitions

Virginia Gov Cup.png

The Mead Crafters Competition is a BJCP-sanctioned competition hosted by the National Honey Board, aimed at recognizing the best meads in the United States. 

The Mazer Cup International Mead Competition, has been described as "the largest commercial and amateur mead competition in the world." It is composed of two events - one for commercial companies and one for amateur brewers.

The Virginia Governor's Cup®, one of the most stringent competitions in the US, is hosted by the Virginia Wineries Association, in partnership with the Virginia Wine Board and the Virginia Vineyards Association.

silver hand medals 02-14-2023 02.jpg

2024 Virginia Governor's Cup Gold Medalists

In 2024, we were awarded two gold medals at the Virginia Governor's Cup competition for 2 of our flagship meads: Raspberry Passion and Virginia Tonight!

meadery shoot 02-18-2022 11.jpg

2022 VA Governor's Cup Gold Medal Winners


We are excited to share with you all five of our 2022 Gold Medal-winning meads: Strawberry Swing, Dream by the Fire,

Let It Linger, Soak Up the Sun, and Virginia Tonight

In August 2022, we received a commendation from the Commonwealth of Virginia for earning these five gold medals. 

Pictured: Delegate Mike Mullin presenting the recognition to Glenn and Sherri Lavender, Sam Straight, and Kristin Craft.

SHM Commendation from the Virginia House of Delegates 8-29-2022-5_edited.jpg

2022 VA Governor's Cup Silver Medal Winners

SHM Gov Cup winners 03-11-2022-12.jpg

Scarborough Fair, Shining Avostar, Raspberry Passion, Zenyatta, All Blues, and Black Velvet

Mazer Cup Medalists

meadery mead sale 01-13-2022 01_edited.jpg

Shining Avostar

Silver Medal 2019

SHM April visit 04-14-2022-25_edited.jpg

Strawberry Swing

Silver Medal 2020

meadery visit 04222021 15.jpg


Bronze Medal 2021

silverhand greatest 08-18-2022 01_edited.jpg

Today is the Greatest

Silver Medal 2022

Mead Crafter Competition Medalists

SHM April visit 04-14-2022-26.jpg
SHM visit 03-18-2022-21.jpg

All Blues

Silver Medal 2021

Black Velvet

Silver Medal 2021

Scarborough Fair

Silver Medal 2019

meadery mead sale 01-13-2022 01.jpg
SHM April visit 04-14-2022-25_edited.jpg

Cinnamon Tree

Bronze Medal 2021

Strawberry Swing

Bronze Medal 2021

RP Bottle.jpg
SHM April visit 04-14-2022-24.jpg

Raspberry Passion

Bronze Medal 2019

Virginia Tonight

Bronze Medal 2021

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