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Welcome to the Club

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We love rediscovering and reimagining this ancient beverage every day! We do this by trying different honeys, yeasts, fruits, herbs and spices and other production techniques like barrel aging or cooking our honey as well as creating collaborations with breweries, wineries, other meaderies and even coffee shops. Join us in our journey of rediscovery by being a part of the Silver Hand Meadery Insider Club.

Many of our meads are produced in extremely limited quantities and until now have not even been available to the public. Your meads will be hand-selected by our mead-making team with Insider Club-only selections coming from our reserve stock, test batches, and specialty produced batches for our club. We’ll also include our limited releases and bestsellers.

All Members Receive

Complimentary Honey Tasting Experience

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15% off all

in-store merchandise

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15% off online mead orders


An insider experience of the Meadery

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Priority access to new releases

Club Membership Options


Four shipments fill out the harmony in this QUARTET! 

24 bottles total, 6 bottles ship in February, May, August, and November.

$110 average each shipment plus taxes and shipping.


Two shipments create a beautiful DUET!

12 bottles total, 6 bottles ship in February, and August.

$120 average each shipment plus taxes and shipping.

Terms and Conditions

Upon registration you are eligible to receive club discounts on purchases in store and online. When the next release month arrives your card will automatically be charged for that release. Shipping and handling charges apply to any shipments, and releases identified as “pick up” will be shipped if not picked up within 30 days of the release (S&H may apply).

Additional charges will apply for returned or re-shipped packages.

INSIDER CLUB shipments will be prepped, charged to your credit card on file, and shipped by the 15th directly to your shipping address of the release month. It is your obligation to notify Silver Hand Meadery of any account changes before the beginning of a release month. Misdirected shipments and delivery difficulties may result in additional shipping charges.

Membership is ongoing and may be cancelled with a 15 day written notice after receiving your second INSIDER CLUB shipment. Please note that if a shipment is scheduled within 15 days of cancellation, you will be charged and your final mead selections shipped as scheduled.

Mead selections for each release are made by our production team. The INSIDER CLUB is all about giving you an insider experience and opportunity to try many different meads. We do not accept substitution requests for INSIDER CLUB selections but do offer a 15% discount off of any additional bottles you wish to purchase.

Terms and conditions are subject to change.

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