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The Mead Lab

The Mead Lab offerings are our small batch experimental meads, where we test new recipes and flavor combinations! If you try any of them while you are at the Meadery, please share your thoughts on them, as the popular meads may be bottled in the future.


They are served in-house only, but our Insider Club members have the opportunity to purchase mini to-go bottles in store. 

Straight Up

A sparkling hard cider made with local Northern Virginia apples. Gently sweetened with mesquite honey and aged briefly on American oak. 7.1% ABV

Livin' on a Pear

A sparkling pear cider made with caramelized clover honey and vanilla. 8% ABV

Together Forever

A semi-sweet traditional mead featuring the Ohia Lehua blossom honey from Hawaii. 

Parting Glass

‘Tis no blarney, this avocado blossom honey bochet, fermented with ale yeast and flavored with cocoa nibs, coffee, and vanilla, will transport you to a snug in Ireland. Slainte! 9.8% ABV


This wildflower honey mead was inspired by Jamaican sorrel, a sweet and spicy hibiscus and ginger infused beverage typically consumed at the holidays. This mead also includes orange peel, allspice, cloves. 13.4% ABV

Strange Magic

This traditional mead has got a strange magic with Sourwood honey fermented into a full, sweet mead! Look for notes of vanilla with a crisp finish. 13% ABV


A mocha-inspired mead with cold brew coffee, cocoa nibs, and meadowfoam honey. The smooth, rich coffee flavor with a touch of chocolatey sweetness will have you asking "Can I just have one more Moondance?" 12.5% ABV

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